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November 2008

National Binge Drinking Strategy

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Nineteen local communities will receive Federal Government support for grassroots programs to help tackle binge-drinking by young people.
Nineteen community projects across Australia will receive a total of $3.6 million in the first round of grants for grassroots, community work targeted at combating the impact of excessive alcohol consumption on individuals, their families and the wider community.
It is important to empower local communities to deliver local solutions to local problems.

They know best the specific circumstances and details of what goes on in their own regions, towns and cities.
They have a solid understanding of what activities will and won't work. They also have the commitment and energy to succeed.
The grants will enable community groups and organisations to combine in strong, effective partnerships to combat binge-drinking alongside community members and organisations such as police, health and youth workers, ultural groups and local government authorities.
The Rudd Government is determined to fight binge-drinking. These grants will enable the battle to be taken directly into local communities, by local communities for local communities.
The National Binge Drinking Strategy includes a range of measures to help tackle binge drinking among young Australians, including:

  •  $19.1 million to intervene earlier to assist young people and ensure that they assume personal responsibility for their binge drinking;
  •  $20 million to fund advertising that confronts young people with the costs and consequences of binge drinking.
  •  Closing the dangerous tax break for alcopops, used to hook young girls on binge-drinking
Binge drinking among young people is a community-wide problem that demands a community-wide response.  
The Rudd Government is not prepared to stand by as the epidemic of youth binge-drinking spirals out of control, and these community grants are a solid step towards tackling alcohol abuse at the grassroots level. 
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