Your Aged Care Consultant Team

Aged care placement can be an incredibly difficult process…

Especially if one doesn’t understand industry terminology, are not aware of fluctuating Government imposed rates, Centrelink requirements, what acronyms such as RAD, DAP, and DAC actually mean, financial expectations, how a means test works, along with many and varied rules and regulations.

Fortunately, all the above is second nature to our team given our 16+ years of experience dealing with all sorts of cases every single day. Basically, we’ve seen and dealt with everything that could be thrown at us. So we can say with pride and confidence that your aged care case (no matter how complex) is in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on our up to date knowledge and experience in navigating the aged care placement process. We are here for you to help you achieve the most suitable aged care placement outcome while ensuring costs are kept to the absolute lowest amount.

HAAA is dedicated to ensuring the placement process, although potentially convoluted and very complex, runs as smooth as silk and that you do not have to worry about anything. We save you the time, stress, running around, confusion and (like most of our clients) thousands of dollars.

Let the team at HAAA take care of your aged care placement for you.

  • Amber Sullivan
    Amber Sullivan Placement Coordinator

    “Amber went over and above her duties to help further with paperwork for my father.” – Chris Pimm

    “Nothing was too much trouble for Amber Sullivan…her negotiating skills and ongoing advice have proved to be invaluable. Amber is an excellent operator… very well organised and always on top of the numerous issues…” – Peter Abell

    Let Amber take care of your aged care placement

  • Greg Brindley
    Greg Brindley General Manager

    At HAAA I’m known as “Mr Fix-it“, “The Doer“, the “make it happen guy”. I like to act upon things in as timely a manner as possible hoping to achieve the best possible outcomes for all. I am preoccupied with wanting to improve everything I touch; and if I succeed, I feel rewarded.

    I’m proud to work at HAAA because the outcomes we achieve for our clients is unsurpassed in the industry. Our staff go above and beyond and genuinely care about the well-being of their clients.

    Before I joined the team at HAAA, I had been self-employed for some 35 years during which I performed public relations duties for a raft of customers. I also ran a small publishing company before moving into automotive component manufacture and the establishment of a hugely successful company.

    I’ve been racing cars on and off for nearly 40 years. I’m also an expert ice (speed) skater; in my late teens I was an Australian Champion. I’ve also played 15 years of netball including competing in the Australian Men’s championship.  I’ve published my own books, magazines and have had in excess of 3000 fully fledged features published in a range of varied automotive magazines.

  • Vicki Hamilton
    Vicki Hamilton Placement Administration Coordinator