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Is it important that your loved one doesn't feel isolated and unmotivated?

We strategically strive to stimulate the elderly to become active participants rather than passive recipients


Social and Welfare Support Services for those in Residential Care Settings

Social and Welfare Support Services

National Care Triage also provides social and welfare support to residents in aged care facilities. With an extensive history of providing this service, National Care Triage can attest to the beneficial outcomes for residents who have limited or no family/social network or support to assist them with accessing the community or helping them to connect socially.

The following highlights just some of the services NCT can offer:

  • Assistance to transition new residents into care
  • Provide transport and support to attend external appointments
  • Assist to keep actively involved in external interests such as groups, clubs, church, etc
  • Support to maintain family and friend networks
  • Escort to special events, functions or family gatherings
  • Day trips
  • Escort to the theatre, movies and sporting events
  • Assistance with shopping
  • 1:1 social support - chatting, playing games or cards or reading newspaper
Call the NCT Team and discuss our In-Home Care Services 1300 880 570

Our 'visionary' Social and Welfare Support Services' program is aimed at promoting social inclusion in the elderly and empowering them to live well with dignity and purpose. Working closely with the residents themselves, the residential lifestyle team and/or family, we strategically strive to stimulate residents to become active participants rather than passive recipients.

If you would like to discuss your need and situation please call our experienced NCT Team on 1300 880 570