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Testimonials from families we have assisted
  • Paul and Chris
    HAAA Qld Office
    Hi Angela, Just a quick note to say thanks to you, Brenton and staff for your efforts in placing mum. She is doing well and very pleased with the facility she is in. Thanks again and best wishes for the future.
  • Brown Family
    HAAA Qld Office
    This was the best money I have ever spent, and I am telling everyone about your service! Mum has settled in really well, no complaining at all, her room is decorated with her belongings and looks great. I can't thank Brenton enough.
  • Karyn
    I just want to thank you all for your help in Mums placement.
    Mums case was a tricky one as she already had a placement and is concessional. HAAA made this so easy.

    I work full-time and have been trying to find an alternative accommodation for mum as she was in a High Care facility (she went with dad when he was ill. Dad has since passed) and needed to be moved to low care. In High Care there was not enough intellectual conversation from residents or stimulation through adequate activities. I used to visit mum and told her not to lose faith I was working on a new placement, I would go home not knowing which way to turn, Mum was losing her quality of life. Juggling work and chasing up a facility became too difficult and I was recommended to secure an agency to do this. Google became my instant friend and I came across HAAA with my first meeting with them at the end of November.

    The team at HAAA couldn't be more accommodating from making appointments with me outside of working hours to constant contact via email and phone to provide updates. I knew this was a pretty impossible task but the team at HAAA remained positive which fed into me. Finally the call came within 2 months of engaging with HAAA (with Christmas shutdown in between). Not bad considering I had been trying for 2 Years.

    Within a week mum was moved to her new home. A beautiful place where mum is now laughing and joking and full of intellectual stimulation and activity. Not only did they find accommodation for Mum but it was also fit for purpose giving mum the quality of life she deserves.

    I would like to thank all those at HAAA that made this possible and especially Sue Brunell. You are all a remarkable team making a difference to quality of life and I can't thank you enough for all you have done.

    Thanks all.
  • Lindsay
    Family member
    Hi Angela, I thought to email you to thank you once again for your most caring and efficient service in securing my mother an aged care home. The place is excellent and suits her needs well, and she has settled in happily; a great outcome. I've since recommended you and HAAA to a number of other people and will continue to do so, as it helped relieve me of a large amount of worry and effort as well as providing an optimum situation for my mother.
    My best regards to you for the future.
  • Kevin
    Family member
    Thanks for your excellent service that you had provided to date. Your service has always been very informative and professional and made the placement of my mother that so much easier.
    I would highly recommend you to others that may find themselves in need of your services.
  • Aaron Johnson
    Family member
    Hi Angela,
    Just wanted to let you know that I took dad out to the aged care facility yesterday to have a look around and he really liked it and the hospital will be transferring him out there today.
    Thank you so much again for all of your help, there is no way we would have been able to make this happen so quickly and painlessly without it. I can't speak highly enough of how much both myself and my dad appreciate everything you've done.
  • Margaret, Marilyn and Annette
    Family member
    Dear Angela,
    Thank you for making contact and for checking on Dad's progress.
    We have now come to a final decision?we would like for Dad to remain permanently in the place he is in. We are very grateful that you have given us the time we have needed to come to this decision and to have not pressured us. The highest goals we could have sought were Dad's happiness, and a consistent high standard of care offered with kindness?and these goals have been realized.
    Left to our own devices, we would not have achieved placement in such a beautiful facility. Your involvement removed the sense of inadequacy and floundering we were experiencing in seeking out accommodation that would be in Dad's best interest. Our hearts were left at rest after you interviewed us and we knew that we could trust you to act well on our behalf.
    So thank you for everything
  • Lynne Hendry
    Family member
    Dear Rachel,
    My family and I are indebted to you and your organization for the assistance you gave us recently in endeavouring to find an aged care placement at rather short notice for my husband.
    We were very impressed by your thorough and professional approach to the situation, and appreciated the helpfulness at all times from your staff as well. This made everything so much easier and less complicated, and removed an immense amount of pressure and anxiety from all of us in trying to located the right facility.
    We will certainly recommend your organization to other people in the same position, and feel sure they will be as pleased as we have been with the results.
    Thank you, Rachel, for your personal input and advice - it has been of great value.
  • Chris
    Family member
    Thanks Angela.
    Dad passed away on the 24th of August. Sudden, I know.
    The service you gave my family was exemplary. We would have been lost and stressed without you. Thank you so much for all you had done - my family is very grateful.
  • Chris, Maureen and Anna
    Family member
    To Angela:
    I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your work.
    I am so pleased that a friend in Melbourne told me about your organization and that I found out there was a branch in Qld.
    Like my friend, I am always happy to let others know of the assistance we got in placing mum and Albert, we couldn't have done it without you! - I am a big fan of Health and Aged Assist!
  • Katrina
    Family member
    Just a few words to say thank you for your services. You were very professional and a comfort during a stressful time.
  • Jan Prassas
    Family member
    It was just wonderful the way you came to my home, took me to the library to do photocopying and then did all the paperwork for my mother. I appreciate it very much. Also it was fantastic the way you found a nursing home so quickly and made it less stressful for us.
  • Raelene Bilszta
    Family member
    Thanks and gratitude for getting my mum into the hostel of our choice. You achieved in nine days what I couldn't in two months. A special thank you to Anthony who I'm told went over and above what was expected of him to help me out. Anthony you're a star. Thank you all again for your courtesy and professionalism. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
  • Marie Henry and Family
    We would like to thank you for taking the burden and stress away by placing our mum in a lovely home. We are so appreciative of everyone's help at your office.
  • Joan
    Family member
    Both Lloyd and I are grateful for your help in placing him in such a nice home. He has a nice room with a good view and his own ensuite. The management is caring and efficient and it's so close for us to visit him. 24 hour service of nurses and good meals. I will tell others of you agency.
  • Lynda Meyer
    Family member
    Although my darling Dad passed away, I extend my sincere thanks to you for placing dad. I know the task was very difficult given the circumstances, but at least in Dad's last few days he was nursed and cared for with kindness and compassion. My grateful thanks to your staff Terrie and Linda, always polite and considerate. Sincere thanks for all your help and assistance.
  • Marie Shearn
    Family member
    Thank you for your help in relocating my mother. Thank you for your understanding and quick actions.
  • Susan
    Family member
    Thank you so much for all your help and support regarding placing my mother. Your assistance at find a nursing home at short notice and help with completing various forms was greatly appreciated.
  • Robert and Daphne Shaw
    Family member
    Thank you for all your support and help during our recent difficult period. We are very happy with your choice of nursing home. We do appreciate all you assistance.
  • Trish and Family
    Your support and understanding to me was very much appreciated and together we searched for the 'right place' for Mum.
  • Jenny
    Thank you so much for helping me in every way... Life has to be good to you, I'll wish you all the happiness you deserve.
  • David Rosenbrock
    Family member
    I can only praise Rachel Johnson and Joanne Wodson in the professional and caring manner in which they ensured that our first choice in care was secured within 38 days or less than six weeks from our initial meeting.
    We feel relieved and pleased that we have Mum's ongoing care now managed in the most appropriate facility available.
  • Sue and Bevan Hartigan
    Family member
    How very happy Bevan and I are with your total commitment to the long term placement of his mother. As you are aware she has now been accepted for an unbonded bed, a promise made, a promise kept, so once again Anthony many many thanks for all you have done for us as a family.
    Rachel's kindness and understanding at our interview was reassuring.
    We are keen to spread the word of your good work, whenever the opportunity arises we do so, and we feel sure all your clients will be as happy as we are.
  • Lyn and Maxine
    Family member
    Thank you both for all your assistance in the placement of Mum. We are extremely relieved.
    Yes, we did pay for your service, but you added that extra care which Maxine and I needed. Thank you.
  • Kaylene
    Family member
    Thank you both for all your help and support these past two weeks. I appreciate your availability at any time and your compassion.
  • Susan Feteris
    Family member
    I LOVE YOU! My father is moving into a PERMANENT place this morning. You and you staff are miracle workers.
  • Maureen and Peter
    Thank you for all your endeavours on our behalf. In particular the effort to accommodate Don, initially in respite care and then to have both Dot and Don placed together. We are sure your professionalism, empathy and attention to detail went a long way to achieving this excellent result.
  • Amber
    Family member
    Thank you again for your expert help in finding a good place for my aunt. It saved myself and my father much stress. To find a place so quickly was a real blessing. It's a great service you provide. Best wishes for the future.
  • Skye, Linda and Syd Black
    A 'huge' thank you for all your hard work and effort that you put in to find Bonnie permanent care. We are absolutely thrilled with the result! We can't believe how it happened - we're really still in shock! The weight that has been taken off our shoulder is enormous. It will be wonderful to live a normal life again. Thanks again and I have already recommended you to several other families.
  • Liam McCarthy
    Family member
    My sincere thanks to you and all your staff with whom I dealt, for the professional and empathetic way in which you went about organising Maureen's placement in a nursing home. I really was at 'crisis point' when I turned to you for help and I still find it amazing how quickly you were able to act for us.
    Her health and happiness has never been better since she moved and it is an excellent nursing home well beyond my initial expectations when I started looking. Thank you once again for the excellent service you provide.
  • Margaret and Alison
    Family member
    Thank you for your prompt assistance in placing our mother in the best possible and suitable nursing home. We would not hesitate in recommending your company.
  • Mark Thompson
    Family member
    Thank you and your team for a fantastic job. We really appreciate your prompt attention and friendly service.
  • Diane Fahey
    Family member
    Thanks for finding a wonderful place for my parents, you have stopped a lot of stress in my life!
  • Maree
    Family member
    Thank you to you and your staff for assistance, including countless phone calls, in obtaining a bed for Dad.
    We realise we had narrowed our preferences for nursing homes which made the placement process so much more difficult and time consuming.
    It's a load off our minds to know that Mum's future needs will be much more easily met now that Dad is placed.
    Without the respite you obtained, goodness knows where Dad would have ended up.
  • Dorothy
    Family member
    Thank you both for being there when I needed help to place George in a nursing home. He is happy with his chair and looks most comfortable in it so that makes me happy.
  • Glenda Jacobs and Sandra Palmer
    Family member
    Our grateful thanks to you for the communication and compassion you all displayed every time we spoke to you regarding our father.
    We appreciate your constant support and understanding during this time without which we would have been lost.
    We are pleased with the outcome of a placement for our Father. With best wishes to all at Health and Aged Assist.
  • Catherine and Jack Wamer
    Thank you all for the great contribution you made to our happiness.
Testimonials from health professionals we have assisted
  • Kate Whyman
    Manager, Outer East Aged Care Assessment Service
    We have dealt extensively with Health and aged Assist and have always found them to be professional, flexible and responsive. In particular, they remain respectful and sensitive to their client's needs which is particularly important in such a stressful and confusing time for families.
  • Elizabeth Thomas
    Manager, Transitional Care Program
    Eastern Health's Transitional Care Program has engaged the services of Health and Aged Assist to assist patients and their families/carers to secure appropriate placement for their preferred facility on several occasions.
    The personnel at Health and Aged Assist have proven to be professional and well informed in the area of Aged Care.
    Excellent feedback has been received from our clients in relation to their service and we would highly recommend their services.
  • Mrs. Suzanne George
    General Manager and Director of Nursing
    Bellbird Private Hospital
    Since Health and Aged Assist have begun working with the Case Managers at Bellbird we have found a service that matches our commitment to ensure 'best practice' in the field of discharge planning and placement where needed.
    Their caring service to the families during this difficult time, works side by side with the service we deliver. Their efficiency in the service they provide to these families and to our business has never been duplicated or lived up to by any other service.
    Unlike other services in the community, Health and Aged Assist offer a professional, caring and efficient service that is also practical in cost to the families going through the often emotional placement process. Many of the families referred to health and Aged Assist communicate back to us and compliment the friendliness and thoroughness of the service provided by Health and Aged Assist.
    We cannot work without them; their service is excellent and ensures our discharge planning processes are supported within the community. I will highly recommend their service to support any family or business to manage placement within their community.
  • Delwyne Stephens
    Thank you for the time, effort and patience you showed in dealing with the complex situation we recently shared. The outcome was excellent and a credit to you and Health and Aged Assist.