24/7 Referral Process

Do you have a family member, friend, client or patient that needs to be placed into aged care?

Don’t stress, let HAAA handle it for you.

HAAA manages the ENTIRE aged care process:

  • Managing the ENTIRE aged care placement process for you
  • Assisting you to secure the most appropriate aged care facility
  • Negotiating the best RAD (bond) for you
  • Working with you to maximise your income and minimise your aged care fees
  • Liaising with Centrelink and DVA paperwork to maximise pensions
  • Providing you with options for keeping or selling the family home
  • Looking after your case until your loved one leaves the facility

Also, HAAA assists with a variety of cases including:

  • Permanent and respite care
  • Frail aged and dementia care
  • Behavioural issue placement
  • Complex and financially difficult cases
  • Post-placement support

Our friendly team of consultants will respond to your request within 1 business day.

Feel free to contact us or call 1300 784 781 now.

Our clients enjoy the convenience and expertise of HAAA to help their loved ones get the most appropriate aged care outcomes for their loved ones placed in care.