Lifestyle programs and activities in aged care

 In Aged Care

Lifestyle programs and activities in aged care are beneficial to residents for many reasons. They can help develop social relationships and in turn can improve psychological, emotional and mental well-being. Sometimes when choosing the right facility for your loved one, this can be overlooked but it should be something that you ask about if your loved one is able to participate.

Who was it that said you don’t have fun in an Aged Care facility?

Lifestyle programs and activities range from facility to facility, but not dramatically. Mind you, the range is extensive and can include (both for individuals and as in groups). Now take a deep breath!

· knitting groups

· themed events/parties

· visitors from local community or schools

· movie days/nights

· performers, speakers and presenters

· crosswords and quizzes, cards, board games and word puzzles

· walking groups

· bus outings

· craft classes

· exercise activities including gym, Tai Chi, craft, Wii fit, chair yoga

· massage aromatherapy

· stretching and resistance training

· painting

· cooking, bread making

· cultural and religious events

· bingo

· meet & greet

· dancing

· pet and animal visits

· carpet bowls

· birthday parties

· ice cream socials

· story time

· pet therapy

· gardening

· painting and finger painting

· birdwatching

· shopping

· beauty and hair care

· technological games

· concerts/sing-a-longs

· ball games

· letter writing

There you go; many more activities than you may have ever dreamed possible!

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