4 Ways To Stay Healthy As You Age

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There are many ways to stay on top of the ageing process and ensure both body and brain stay fit and healthy well into the latter stages of life. Follow the below tips and reap the rewards:


1. Stay physically active

Find a form of exercise you love – walking or jogging in the great outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air, while swimming or aqua aerobics provide great anaerobic exercise while avoiding stress on the joints.

Even running around with grandchildren or the family pet will suffice – or try walking to the shop to pick up the morning paper, instead of driving. There are many ways to incorporate regular exercise, and even make it fun, which will keep the body (and mind) functioning on track.


2. Maintain a busy social schedule

Regularly engaging with friends and family will help keep your mind sharp and active. Loneliness and depression are frequently experienced in the aged community, and simply engaging in frequent human interaction can drastically reduce this. If you aren’t lucky enough to live close to the family, try joining a social club or committee.

Walking groups, sewing or knitting groups, neighbourhood committees and book clubs are all prevalent – check your local community hall for posters or do a quick Google search of your area. Whatever you choose, keeping the social part of your brain engaged will increase feelings of happiness and belonging, which has been shown to elongate life expectancy and enrich life.


3. See healthcare professionals regularly

Your dentist, podiatrist, and chiropractor all have different specialisations. Your GP is a great first point of call but listen to their advice in terms of referring you to a specialist. If something aches, niggles, or generally feels uncomfortable – don’t delay.

Seeing healthcare professionals can intimidate some, while others feel like they’re making a big fuss about nothing. But, particularly in practices where bulk-billing is possible, the benefits far outweigh the costs! Consulting regularly with healthcare professionals will keep you fighting fit, and prevent problems from rising before they get too serious.


4. Prevent, don’t cure!

The best way to cure most diseases is to prevent their onset in the first place! Many diseases affect the older community disproportionately – diabetes, osteoporosis and pneumonia, for example.

In the case of osteoporosis and diabetes in particular, diet plays a huge part. Avoiding sugary fatty foods will keep insulin levels in check and weight within normal limits, which is the most important factor in controlling type two diabetes. Ample calcium strengthens bones, which will keep osteoporosis and other bone diseases at bay. As for the likes of pneumonia, influenza and other garden variety viruses, getting a good range of vitamins and minerals in the diet is the best way to strengthen the immune system and stay healthy year round!

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