Why is exercise important for seniors?

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Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is at the core of our overall well-being for seniors. Although, as we get older it can get harder to maintain a regular fitness regime. It is well documented that seniors can obtain significant health benefits by partaking in just a moderate amount of physical activity each day. A loss of strength and stamina, which is often attributed to ageing, can be in part caused by reduced physical activity.


Why is exercise important for seniors?

Regular exercise can reduce the risk of the development of all sorts of health problems, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It can assist people who possess a whole range of potentially disabling conditions to improve their stamina and muscle strength. It also helps to maintain healthy and strong joints, and control the swelling and discomfort often associated with arthritis.

Getting the body moving can even be as simple as implementing a simple routine such as walking to the shops each morning to pick up a newspaper, walking to visit a friend or family member or spending some time out in the garden.

Getting out and moving while breathing in some fresh air is well known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression while improving our mood so we generally feel better about ourselves.



Understanding limits and boundaries

As we get older, the risk of injury can increase during higher levels of physical activity. Be careful engaging in physical activity.

You may have some concerns about partaking in physical activity and this is perfectly understandable. You may have been living a sedentary lifestyle or have some underlying health problems. In this case, it is recommended that you book an appointment with your GP to discuss your concerns.

They should always be your first port of call. Review your health with your GP, talk through your concerns and recommend a form of physical activity that is best suited to your individual situation. Therefore, guide you along the right path to enjoying a long, healthy and happy life.

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