Benefits of the elderly using technology

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When it comes to the elderly, there is a common thought that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, but this does not have to be the case. There are several fantastic and highly beneficial reasons why the elderly should start using technology.


1. The social connection

Human beings are social creatures and this does not change as we get older. Staying socially engaged is just as important to an older person’s well-being as maintaining a healthy body. While it is certainly true that no amount of technology can replace the experience of face-to-face interaction, it will certainly improve the quality of life of an older person if they use Skype to talk to their friends and family, especially as age makes traveling more challenging.

In addition to this, using the internet can also make life easier for the elderly, as they can order their shopping online and consume newspapers and books over the internet – helping seniors retain their independence.


2. Video games can keep minds and bodies active

Since its introduction, many nursing homes have jumped at the chance to invest in a Nintendo Wii as it helps keep both mind and body active. Recent research from Poland has shown that all of their subjects aged between 65 and 75 years of age, after completing several computer games, were able to improve memory, expand attention span and increase their sequencing abilities. In addition to this, the competitive or team aspects of video games also helps to promote participation in exercise and social interaction.


3. Medication management

It is no secret that elderly people generally have medicine to take, and sometimes this can become confusing for older people as they may forget they have taken their medication and take another dose. While it is true that pill boxes can help seniors with this, as they have pills marked with the day they should take it, technological solutions can also help older people. For instance, there are several apps on smartphones that can help seniors remember to take their medication and prevent medicinal errors.


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